Cruising For A Whale Watching

April 24, 2018

Humpback whales are undeniably fascinating sea creatures. Their spectacular affinity for ‘breaching’, (utilising their unique acrobatic capabilities to hurl themselves above the water and splash back down again) along with other spontaneous surface behaviors, make their eye-catching appearances increasingly alluring to tourists and enthusiastic whale watchers alike.

With over 18,000 humpback whales migrating along the east coast between June and November, these stunning mammals are certainly something to watch out for and the Morton Bay region is the best place to catch such spectacular sightings.

For over 30 years, Tangalooma Island Resort Whale Watching Cruises have been considered Australia’s premier whale watching catamaran cruise. We explore:

5 Reasons Why Tangalooma Whale Watching Cruises Are A Moreton Bay Must:

  • Money Back Guarantee Tangalooma Whale Watch Cruises are so confident you’ll catch a whale sighting that they offer a money-back whale sighting guarantee.
  • Expert Commentary They provide informative expert commentary by an Eco Ranger, so you can learn all you need to know about these spectacular creatures of the deep.
  • You Won’t Go Hungry Every cruise includes a complimentary tea, coffee or soft-drink voucher per guest that can be used any time onboard, while they also serve a light lunch amongst other refreshments.
  • Happy Snap They also provide a voucher to download a digital ‘Happy Snap’ (photo) of you embarking on your whale watching endeavour for social media envy!
  • Access Pass In addition, you will receive a resort access pass that allows you to use Tangalooma Island resort facilities that include swimming pools, tennis courts and borrow sporting equipment free of charge.

Tangalooma Island Resort Whale Watching Cruises depart directly from Brisbane and operate between 1st June – 14th October 2018. For further information and to book a whale watching catamaran cruise head here:

5 Fascinating Facts About Humpback Whales

  • Their complex ‘songs’ last up to 20 minutes and they often repeat them for hours on end. This is predominately a male whale characteristic and their songs differ from one ocean to another and can be heard 30 kilometres away.
  • They traditionally migrate up to 25,000 km annually to tropical and subtropical waters in order to breed and give birth. They live up to 50 years of age.
  • They live off small fish, including krill and plankton. They eat in the summer and fast during mating season – living off their fat reserves to focus on migration and mating.
  • They don’t have humps on their backs per se. The name derives from the large hump that forms when they arch their backs prior to diving into the ocean.
  • They famously featured in the time travel themed fourth Star Trek movie The Voyage Home. Their unique songs translated to life-saving communication that prevented future global destruction from an alien probe.


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